***** CYBER WEEK SPECIAL***** 2015 Blueblue I420 - Race ready - Mint Condition - Full Covers

Maimi, FL 33133
United States

$8,600.00 USD
Year Built
Quantity Available

BlueBlue I420 - Complete boat Ready to sail. This price includes all travel covers (top, bottom, spar and blades) and a Dynamic Dolly with custom crib. (Over $1,900 value).

Sail Inventory / Rigging

The Complete Chartered Blueblue I420 package includes:

  • Digitally optimized hull complete
  • Harken fittings, blocks and cleats
  • Custom sheets, halyards and running rigging
  • Superspars M+7 Spars with Adjustable Spreaders
  • Shroud adjusters and fast pins
  • Custom alloy traveler bar
  • N1 Foils - Centerboard and Rudder
  • Colie covers (Top, Bottom, Spar & Blade Bag) Spinnaker bags
  • Hiking straps
  • Blueblue custom alloy rudder stock
  • Dynamic Dolly with Custom composite crib
  • Boat color - determined by availability

Superspars M7+ sparset (with adjustable spreaders) with optimal stiffness to weight ratio section available. The custom tip tapers earlier and more quickly than any other mast, leaving the sailor with a tip that holds up in the 8-15 knot wind range, but then whips above this range. The tip is finger-tip controllable with the cunningham.

The Super Spars rig is a tried and tested rig that is both easy to set up for the new sailor to the class while providing the intricate detailed fittings that allow the experienced sailor to adjust the rig set up between races for varying wind and sailing at national and international sailing regattas.
The initial set up is also flexible enough to allow you to get the best boat speed possible for your combined crew weight.
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