OPTI - McLaughlin Race Optimist

Little Silver, NJ 07739
United States

$3,500.00 USD
8.00 Feet
Year Built
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2012 McLaughlin Race Opti with everything, all white hull in perfect condition (no dings chips, scratches), Sail no.19080 with 3 sets of sails and spars (no need to re-tie sail when changing sails). 
- Dolly (new type with solid plastic wheels)
- Club sail on silver spars (this sail was used for lessons)
- Racing sail (UK Sails) on black Gold Spars (this sail was used for local regattas)
- Brand New Racing Sail (Colie Olympic "Happy" Sail) on black Gold Spars (this sail used once for OPTI Nationals)
- All sails have Black Sail Numbers and Black OPTI insignia (this makes it easier to pick them out in a regatta, not as common as blue numbers)
- New mainsheet system with a 4:1 ratio blocks from Colie (this makes is easier to haul in the sail for smaller sailors when windy, can be changed to back to 3:1)
- New Rule Tan Epoxy blades with upgraded Black tiller and Black tiller extension
- All lines upgraded to new racing lines
- Blue Airbags
- Port (Red) and Starboard (Green) bailers
- Mast clip
- Wind Indicators
- Top Cover
- Bottom Cover
- Blade Bag
- Racing Sail Bag with PVC tube to protect sails and spars.
- Extra gear: Spare hiking straps, mast clips, sail ties, lines, wind indicators, air bags, bailers, etc (all our old OPTI stuff)
Boat is fast, qualified for USODA team trials (TTQ)
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